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Im tired….

Im so tired….

Its been so much fun. I taught you so much. I made you smile.

I taught you to smile. I taught you to understand. I taught you to live.

But now… its time for me to lay down. I had my time, i had my lessons to teach. But its time for me to pass the torch. 

Ill always be here for you, so smile.


Hello everyone, with a heavy heart I regret to inform that advvicestuck is no more. We will finish the asks in the box but then we will no longer post. We love each and every one of you and those who weve helped. We had fun being here. And you guys gave us the opportunity to be together and have a family a lot of us didnt have. We had some hardships. We know. And we’re sorry.

But we also had a lot of fun. So thank you guys.

Some of the writers have migrated over to guidancestuck to get a fresh start.

You could also try Fruity Rumpus advice factory.

Have a good day or night, and im sorry again.

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